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Why do you need a buyer's agent?


Does this sound a little too familiar?

Are you one of the hundreds of area buyers who have spent months searching for internet listings and driving through perspective neighborhoods? How many times did you hop in your car, drive 30 minutes, and only  find  a UNDER CONTRACT sign or an unsatisfactory location.

When you see a home, do you call the listing agent on the sign? Seems like the easiest and most natural thing to do, but perhaps not the wisest. The listing agent, by law can ONLY represent the seller's best interest. Asking the seller's agent to write your offer and provide sound advise  is a risky decision. Consider too, how will the seller's agent help you negotiate repairs that you would like done as a result of the home inspection? If conflicts arise, hiring your own attorney to represent you instead of a buyers agent can cost you a lot of anxiety as well as unforeseen expenses. A Buyer's agent won't cost you ANYTHING!

Buying a home  can be complicated  in  our competitive  Metro DC -Maryland  area...

IT makes sense to work with a experienced buyer's agent.

Ann Joliet is one of the Best !

 First....Ann Joliet is a  local, experienced, top producing, BUYER AGENT, that  really KNOWS  the area, it's amenities and  home styles. Someone who  can immediately suggest suitable neighborhoods or locations that will fit your requirements.  As a lifetime resident of Montgomery County and 15 years as a top producing agent, she can put her experience to work for you.

Time is money ....No matter fast you search the net and drive through neighborhoods, you can't win the price race. Nice homes are listed and sold with hours.

Second... Ann Joliet, as your Buyer's Agent, can show you what you need to do get YOUR offer accepted on the nicest, most desirable properties.

Third... as your personal Buyer's Agent, Ann Joliet  will negotiate the entire transaction representing YOUR best interests.

Remember, listing agents can only represent the seller. Your Buyer Agent represents YOU!

Buyer Agency doesn't cost the buyer anything! Your contract is structured so that the selling agent receives all compensation directly from the listing company.  ( FREE is a great word! )


To Contact Ann Joliet

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